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About Us | Rightly Dividing the Truth – Podcast

About Us

It seems its always easiest to listen to someone else describe you.  I dare say one of the hardest things to do is speak or write about yourself.  Its more then just the feeling you may come across as egotistical, but more the idea of finding the right words so people can see the real you. While I’m not planning to write my own biography anytime soon, I want to use this page to let you see inside the “real” me.

My name is Brad Carr or James Bradley if your my mom and I’m in trouble.  As of the date of this posting I’m 35 and married to my high school sweetheart Shelley.  We have two amazing children, Halle-10 and Wren-7.  I am a 2001 graduate of Freed-Hardeman University, a place that still has my heart.  Now what I would love to tell you is my journey from Freed to the pulpit or youth ministry, but that journey is only beginning.  You see the reason for that is very simple, I didn’t go to Freed to learn to fill a pulpit.  No I had “grander” ideas, you know “dreams” that I just had to see through.  So I graduated in 2001 and entered a professional school to become the most hated individual on the planet….. your neighborhood dentist.  I’m a 2005 graduate of UMMC and have owned my own practice since 2011.

So your wheels have to be turning at this point, and you have to be wondering just how I got to where I am today.  To answer that question lets travel back in time. Well I was born in the Church, raised by two devote Christian parents and mentored by a Grandfather who could quote book chapter and verse for any question you could ask.  I was raised knowing there was but one way to salvation and that’s not a sign of me being sheltered either.  My parents and grandparents put the Word in front of me, and not once was I to believe it because they said it, but instead because God said it in His Word I could see right before me.

At a young age the pulpit was my place.  As hard as it may be to explain it was the one place I was always comfortable.  My fears and anxiety of daily life always melted away as I moved behind that microphone.  This began for me due to one single thing, #168.  No that’s not code for some new age twitter handle.  Instead for those of you who remember the old Songs of the Church hymnal, it is very simply Heavenly Sunlight.  While I’d love to tell you the words themselves shaped me into who I am, instead it was the process of leading that song that did.  At my Grandfathers congregation on Wednesday nights the young boys age 0-100 would lead a song before classes started.  My Grandfather was the Song Leader in that small building and needed no microphone to lead no matter where he stood or sat.  So as far back as I remember I’d grab my songbook, so I could be like Granddaddy, and I’d say with my much smaller voice, “please turn to 168, 1..6..8”.  Back then I never knew what that would do for me, but today I understand it very well.  I saw my Grandfather and Father lead in every role imaginable and spent most of my young life trying to fill those shoes.  I’ve preached in numerous congregations across Mississippi over the past 15 years, mainly filling in for congregations whose full-time minister was out of town.  Yet all along I was still unwilling to be like Samuel and answer God’s call.

So the question still hasn’t been answered how did I get where I am now.  I love the pulpit.  I love the Word.  I love teaching and sharing yet each day when I put on my work clothes they aren’t for filling some pulpit.  Instead my clothes read D.M.D. a title I do not want recorded on my tombstone.  Not because I’m not proud of who I am, and not because I don’t work very hard at helping people.  But because I don’t want that to be my defining characteristic.  I feel that God has something else in store for me then fixing people’s teeth.  So 3 years ago I set off making a plan to listen to God and attempt to end up where He wants me to be.  I began working on my Masters of N.T. through Freed-Hardemans online program, because a resume filled with quotes from satisfied dental patients may not land me the right pulpit job.  I’ve reached out to longtime friends of mine across the south giving me more opportunities to do the one thing that gives me the greatest joy.

Then came the idea for this site and more importantly the podcast associated with it.  I thought what better way can I reach the masses with the one thing I believe more then anything else, God’s Word is the Absolute Truth for every soul on this planet.  So today I still put on my dental clothes, but there is a day coming when my clothes will change.  And in the mean time my plan is to grow in His knowledge.  I hope you want the same thing for you, because without His Knowledge we are destined to be lost on this path we call life.